EQuiP (Quality and Safety in General Practice) #6 2018 Newsletter is out!

By | 8. 1. 2019

Vabljeni k branju najnovejšega, že šestega časopisa EQuiP.


1. Holiday Greetings From the New EQuiP President: Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš (Slovenia).

2. Michael Balint 2.0: Are Balint groups still relevant today?

3. EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article: “Offering patients a choice for colorectal cancer screening: A quality improvement pilot study in a quality circle of primary care physicians”.

4. WONCA’s Award of Excellence in Health Care (5 Star Doctor Award): Dr Verónica Casado.

5. New individual member: Ana Belen Espinosa.

6. Change of thinking about quality management and policy by Dutch GPs: The New Quality Thinking in the Netherlands.

7. New 2-day Course on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Education in Portugal.